Bags of Coffee - Blends

Our bagged coffee is direct trade and organically grown, ensuring economic support for farmers and highest quality beans. This ensures a good cup of coffee each and every brew. There are four roasts to choose from: • Light Blend - Our blend of Tanzania and Ethiopia is the perfect light blend with fruity and floral flavors, and a hint of chocolate aftertaste. • Medium Blend - Our blend of our Brazil and Colombia beans gives this brew a precise taste of chocolate, floral and nutty notes with a rich full body. • Dark Blend - Our signature dark blend is roasted to perfection, a blend of our Brazil and Indonesian beans gives you a dark robust flavor with smoky, chocolate and herbal notes. • Decaf - Colombia has perfected the Excelso, drawing out the sweet spot of floral and chocolate. The rich, creamy body and slight whiff of strawberry make for a perfect pick-me-up.