About Us

We know you have the heart to do good when you can.  We also know you do not want to sacrifice on taste or quality, especially when it comes to your coffee!

Cause Cups was created to give you an option of high quality, great tasting coffee and the peace of mind that you have made a conscious decision to do good each time you brew a cup.

Our Coffee:

Our coffee comes from direct-trade farmers in several of the most sought after regions of coffee aficionados, providing good coffee each and every cup.  From Ethiopia to Brazil, our team is on a constant search for the highest quality beans to bring to our decorated master roaster.  

 Our Impact:

We are not a charity.  Cause Cups is a Doing Good Works Company.  Doing Good Works is a Benefit Corporation that changes the experience and outcomes for youth and adults who have spent time in foster care.

While revenue generation does lead to job sourcing and creation, we also provide innovative behavioral curriculum written by former Navy Seals and utilize the latest technology to create and curate strong relationships with the youth and adults we work with at Doing Good Works.  


 We believe good coffee can make the world a better place!  

We would love to hear from you!  Please fill out the form below with any questions and comments about our coffee or our impact!